Angry Birds Space Launched! Have You Download Yours?

The long waited space-oriented Angry Birds Space has already launched this morning. So, have you download yours? :)


This new version of Angry Birds is really the special version as you are now battling in the zero gravity space. However, thanks to the gravity attraction of the small planets on each level, you’ll be able to hit the pigs indirectly even they are blocked by the planets.

According to Peter Vesterbacka, Angry Birds Space will be the best and biggest launch of all sequels. This perhaps is because of the zero-gravity concept, new character and new dressings!

Depend on your device and gadget, if you are using iPhone, iPod Touch, you can get download it now for $0.99. For HD version on iPad / new iPad, it will cost a bit higher at $2.99. If you are using Android phone, you can also download it now at Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore for $0.99.

Now, if you are using either Mac or PC, you can also download them now and play it on your system. For PC version, you can buy it now at Angry Birds Shop for $5.99, while the Mac version is cheaper at $4.99 only.

It’s time to have a blast to the space, go download one now or watch the following video for the opening scene:

This sequel is definitely better than all previous one!

[Source: TechCrunch][Joystick]

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