Avitron – The Bionic Bird: New Advanced Flying RC Toy!

If Silverlit iBird is the cool flying bird RC, Avitron will be the coolest bionic bird RC you’ll ever know. Avitron is kind of the better (greater) version of iBird RC that could flying in the sky as free as the birds.


It also known as XTIM Avitron Ornithopter, a 8.35grams flying RC that capable of flapping its wings 16 times per second, could flying for 6 minutes and capable of reaching up to 300 feet high!

This amazing flying bird RC was designed by Edwin Van Ruymbeke as one of the real looking bird (or humming bird) that could really fool people into thinking that the RC toy is actually a cute bird flying in the the sky.

Check out the following video for more details:

Sadly, you won’t be able to let yourself or your kids to play it with friends in group. The reason is because of the limitation of the wireless controller and frequency range variation.

According to our source, you can play up to 6 birds at one zone at once, or the next birds will crashing around losing its control.

Avitron Bionic bird RC is available for USD99 in the US. But you can also get it on Europe market for EUR79.

More details of this Avitron bionic bird can be found on TheCoolGadgets and its official site.

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