Bandai Smartpet Is Using iPhone As Its Brain

Bandai, a company well known of their gaming stuff is introducing a new toy that will use your iPhone as the brain. This toy is called Smartpet, and it has the look of a cute puppy in either white or black color.


Translation please? Well, I don’t understand Japanese either, but it should be talking about the motion tracking features using the Facetime camera. You can sweep your across he camera for motion command, or it’s said the toy can also accept voice commands.

Based on what our source has describe, this toy has a custom iPhone apps to transform your iPhone into its brain. There are up to 100 puppy facial expressions and it would react to your touchscreen gestures.

Bandai Smartpet is going to hit the retailers in Japan for 6,500 Yen (about US$78) on April 24th, 2012.

[via TechFresh]

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