Watch The Future – Watch That Could Sync Up With Your Smartphone’s Apps

F. Bertrand has designed a new watch concept called “Watch the Future”. This watch is not like any ordinary watch with one touchscreen. It actually comes with more than one small screens where you can interact with them. it’s like an iPod Nano bracelet anyway!


According to the designer, this watch could be set to link to your smartphone’s applications. You can also let the watch to receive notifications or phone updates direct on the watch.

In the image above, the designer has given examples on what type of applications could be used on the wrist watch, which includes contacts, weather forecast, stock information, SMS, FB updates, GPS Tracker, and so on.

More tasty features that the designer is trying to squeeze in is the innovation of pulse detector and even detecting your emotions via your pulse.

This concept sounds really interesting, but I do hope the watch design could be thinner. I dislike thick stuff, but it’s purely my personal opinion :)

Anyway, this Watch the Future concept is not available yet and no info when it will hit the production stage. Hopefully, F. Bertrand could find his support, or he might want to submit his project to kickstarter if he is serious about transforming his design into a reality.

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