Oregon Scientific WS907G Gaiam Air Sanitizer For Home And Office Environment

Oregon-Scientific-WS907G-Gaiam-Air-SanitizerThere are several most important things at home and office that you should make sure to fulfill them if you want your family members or office worker to live and work healthy. Those including the quality of the air in the surrounding, which make sure they can breath the best and fresh air to maximize their work potential (especially your workers).

Using a mere/basic air filtration is not enough now, especially when the level of pollutant is pretty high if you are living in the big metropolitan. You’ll need an additional Air Sanitizer to remove harmful “stuffs” from the air. For example, Airborne bacteria, weird dust and mold spores, or smelly odors.

If you are planning to get one, Oregon Scientific has a new air sanitizer that you might want to check it out. They call it WS907G Gaiam Air Sanitizer. This air sanitizer is coming with an advanced NCCO technology to remove the harmful stuffs that I mentioned just now, and it also offering an adjustable airflow and fan speed to either maintain or accelerate the air sanitizing process.

The filter on the WS907G Gaiam air sanitizer is replaceable and it’s predicted to be able to last for up to three years. You can find more details of this gadget at Amazon. At the time of writing this article, Oregon Scientific WS907G Gaiam Air Sanitizer is selling for US$161.

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