Apple Carbon Fiber Magic Mouse


Do you have a magic mouse or are you trying to buy one right now? Well, here is a great news for you if you are the fans of carbon fiber. You can now enclosed your Magic Mouse with the cool carbon fiber surface on the mouse and get a brand new mouse that looks very futuristic and sturdy. A company called “H Sterling Cross” is offering such as magic treatment for your magic mouse.

Basically, they’ll add a carbon fiber treatment with some vinyl onto the back and the top surface of the magic mouse. You can either get a brand new Magic Mouse from them or just get yours to dress in carbon fiber for a little fee.

According to the source, you can mail in your existing Magic Mouse to get “carbon-fibernize” for $29 only, and it’s available in three for color options: black, graphite, silver or white.


However, if you haven’t got the mouse, you can purchase from them for $99.

Luxury Looks.
With the luxury two-tone look of real carbon fiber, your newly enhanced Magic Mouse will set your Mac apart from the rest. It will turn heads and garner compliments everywhere you use it.

Premium Vinyl.
Available in four different colors, each has it’s own distinct look – One is sure to match your style. We only use the highest quality vinyl available.


If you are interested, you can head on over to CarbonFiberMagic for more details.

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