Nintendo WiiU: Developers Says That Its Hardware Is Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PS3, But It Can Do 1080p Anyway…

Nintendo WiiU is the next gen of Nintendo Wii console which been waited for long. There is a rumor that this console is going to hit the retailers later in this year’s Christmas holidays, but we are not sure if you can believe on it or not.


However, the latest news we received is not about the release date or pricing matters. It’s about the hardware that sounds ‘funny’ in my perspective. Actually, according to some developers who’ve got their hands dirty with this console, are stating that Nintendo WiiU hardware is less powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3, especially in graphical performance.

What’s funny is that the Nintendo WiiU is a next-gen console that promising 1080p full HD graphic rendering, so it’s kind of impossible to do it if the hardware have insufficient power. Xbox 360 is only capable of rendering 720p graphic, while most of PS3 games are 720p (but the machine support 1080p anyway). So, at least Nintendo WiiU is as powerful as PS3 console in term of graphical performance.


Well, If the statements from the developers are the truth, I guess it won’t be a matter at all. Nintendo was launched a year later after Xbox 360 appear in the market. But Nintendo is still selling much better than Microsoft because of their gameplay mechanism. Xbox 360 is clearly the winner in graphical performance at that time, but Wii is ‘better’ thanks to their motion controller.

What’s the matter is the game itself. Even it has an uglier graphic, as long as the game is fun to play with interactive controlling, it will be another console that sell like hot cakes in the market.


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