Rumor: PlayStation 4 Orbis Specs Is Similar With Xbox 720 Durango

Newest rumor in the gaming world is saying that Sony PlayStation 4 (codenamed as ‘Orbis’) is expected to have the similar hardware specification as Microsoft Xbox 720 or what we’ve known as the Durango. This rumor is stating that Sony PS4 is going to get 2.9GHz quad core AMD APU (A8-3850) and AMD Radeon HD 7670 GPU, which is the rebranded of AMD 6670 GPU.


PlayStation 4 - User Submitted Concept Mock

The APU itself is capable of handling games with basic specs and lower resolutions without the help from the GPU. However, developers are getting a better room to extend their game quality by pairing up the resources of the APU and GPU together to achieve a new level of graphical performance and quality. Sony PS4, by the rumored specification, is capable of utilizing asymmetrical CrossFire configuration to produce more graphical power and real time processing.

It would be a nice thing to watch when two consoles from two giant companies getting the same specification. Up to date, Sony is still the winner in term of specs, but they have less exclusive titles than Xbox 360. Will Sony stand up in the same line as Microsoft in the future and and have a fair battle?

[Source IGN]

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