Sphero Robot Gets Two New Apps: Chromo and MacroLab


Do you remember Sphero Robot from Orbotix, a robot ball that you can control with your iPhone? This Sphero Robot has received a couple of new apps this week and it will be available sooner than we think. We’ve been expected to get this ball rolling in this Christmas holiday season, but the Orbotix is going to let Sphero out of its cage later in this month along with the new apps.

The first app is called Chromo, which is a game app designed to match color, beat the clock with 6 game mode. Check out the following video for more details:

Next is the app called MacroLab. MacroLab app will let users program some sort of macros and repeatable program easily, and then let the Sphero run according to the macros. You can also save your macros and share it to your friends on social networking websites. Check out the following video for the demo:

It looks extremely beautiful with the long exposure video shot, and the game looks pretty fun as well. It will be a killer apps for Sphero, and people might want to buy more than one Sphero robot if they need to create something like the video demo above.

The Sphero robot has arrived at UK market, while other worldwide market will be able to hands on this toy on next several weeks.

[via GoSphero]

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