I-O Data BRP-U6CR Portable Blu-ray XL Drive Announced


I-O Data is rolling out their new Blu-ray XL drives known as BRP-U6C. There are three color models introduced, the BRP-U6C (pearl white), BRP-U6CK (Piano Black) and BRP-U6CR (Oriental Red). These blu-ray XL drive is capable of reading various kind of disc format at different reading speed, for example:

  • Read Quad Layer Blu-ray XL disc at 4x speed
  • Read triple-layer Blu-ray XL disc at 4x speed
  • Read single and dual layer Blu-ray disc at 6x speed
  • Read BD-RE disc at 2x speed
  • Read DVD±R disc at maximum speed of 8x, and
  • Read CDs at the speed of 24x


These 300g Blu-ray XL drives can be powered by one USB BUS power on your laptop of desktop, and it’s dimension of 140 x 147 x 19mm (WxHxD) is definitely portable and easy to slip it into your travel bag or laptop bag.

I-O Data is going to release this BRP-U6C Blu-ray XL drives in Japan for 11,500 Yen (equal to $139), but no news when it will be officially available in the US.

[via TPU]

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