Quirky Cliplets: Stackable Modular Paperclips

If you are fans of using paperclips to tidy up and manage your documents, you might want to check out this amazing stackable modular paperclips from Quirky called Cliplets.


This Cliplets featuring the usual clip where you can slip in documents, but it looks more heavy duty when comparing with the usual paperclips. Also, it has a plastic push-tab head that you can use it to stack other cliplets together on the provided notch at the top side of the cliplets.

Paperclips are a heck of a product, but when you’re trying to organize a desk full of forms, a simple fastener can only go so far. Step up your filing game with Cliplets, modular paperclips that enable you to attach and organize stacks of documents with ease. Each unit features a metal base that grips paper like a money clip, and a plastic push-tab head that fastens to another Cliplet (stack as many as you’d like!). A variety of colors help you to differentiate between sets of documents, making Cliplets as versatile and good-looking as you are.


There is no limitation on how many cliplets you can stack together, however, the design of the push-tab head and notch is not suitable for stacking too many documents. The stacking system on cliplet is not stacked directly above each other, but it’s going lower to the push-tab head and it will lead to a very long stack of documents.


Quirky cliplets will be available in a pack of six, but Quirky haven’t suggested any pricing for these innovative modular paperclips yet.

You can visit their website to suggest the best price for this pack of cliplets, however, your suggested price may not be the final pricing you’ll get and probably a pack of the it will not come in six either.

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