Rakuten NoteBookCase Transforms Apple iPad 2 Into Netbook PC

Transforming iPad 2 into a netbook or laptop by adding a keyboard case it nothing new, but the trend is still there and people are still hot for the iPad no matter what. Perhaps Rakuten Japan is motivated by this demand, so they’ve created and rolled out a new keyboard case called NotebookCase for Apple iPad where you can turn your iPad 2 into a laptop in a snap.


This NotebookCase for Apple iPad 2 is a bluetooth keyboard, using chiclet keys and there is a good rechargeable battery hosted inside. According to the source, Rakuten NoteBookCase is capable of providing up to 55-hours of continuous usage, and each full charge is only requiring about four to five hours of recharge. It can be recharged via ordinary USB port at the side of the case, and it also coming with a miniUSB for other purposes.

If you are interested, you can check out this NoteBookCase [$75] at Rakuten.

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