Handy Credit-Card Size Foldable Knife

Any tools that sounds “credit-card size” intrigued me, especially when the tools can be used in emergency situation, either for keeping ourselves safe from danger or use it to find food for survival. That is the reason that I’m very interested with this credit card knife from Cool Material. Take a look on the following picture for the details:


Yep, it’s a foldable knife that fold up like a credit card and easy to slip it to our pocket. The folded dimension is merely 2.75-inch long, but once unfolded, you’ll get a fully functional knife to cut your stuffs. Since it’s small enough to bring with you, you can obviously take it anywhere you go. Either it’s for cutting stuffs when no tools around or for self protection while you are walking in a quiet backstreet, this credit card knife will be a lifesaver.


Well, it’s not really that you can use it to stab the bad guy as the knife is too short. But you can use it as a tool to enforce your bravery when you are cornered. This Foldable knife is made of titanium, a great material for durability, and not easily broken. It’s also pretty cheap. too!

You can get this credit-card folding knife from Cool Material for $30.

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