Philips Releases ErgoSensor Monitor Could Correct User’s Sitting Posture

The future monitor will not be just a display panel to show your work or beautiful wallpapers. It will have other ability where users can interact with and it will be a helpful display panel that might even ask you (as the user) to do a certain tasks. For example, Philips has stepped toward that future by introducing their new ErgoSensor Monitor that could monitor your sitting posture and alert you if you’ve an incorrect posture.


So, how exactly the monitor can detect the user’s body posture? According to Philips, their ErgoSensor Monitor is coming with a range of sensors. These sensors could measures user’s inter-pupillary distance (the distance between two pupils) to determine your sitting distance from the monitor, and it also has a sensor to detect your neck to see if it’s inclined at a poor ergonomic angle or not.

When the sensors detected something has gone very wrong, like the distance from the monitor, it will ask users to adjust themselves or take a short break. It could also suggest a correct posture feedback and ideal angle for your neck to avoid soreness when you are working for a long hour.


It sounds like a great monitor for those who’ve bad posture when working in front of their PC. I wore a corrective brace, so it will not have much use for me and I seldom fall asleep when working. However, I think the idea of letting users to take a rest once for a while is a nice idea.

Sadly, Philips haven’t announced the details information on the full specs, US pricing and worldwide availability. But if you are in the Europe region, you can actually find it for €285. Well, it’s pretty expensive way to correct your body posture. The cheaper way is to get a corrective brace and wear it until your body has form the habit of sitting straight, and use some software like WorkRave or Focus Booster to force yourself to take a short rest once for a while.

You can visit ArsTechnica for more details about the ErgoSensor technology.

[image credit: Philips]

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