Pebble E-Paper Watch [KickStarter Project]

Over at, we have found a nice project where you can pledge on and get a cool E-paper watch called Pebble.


E-paper watch is a new trend, and Pebble will be one of them in the market to pioneer this trend. Pebble E-paper has an ordinary looks of a wrist watch, but it has an extraordinary functionality and watchfaces where you can customize its look to your liking.


In fact, Pebble E-Paper watch is more than just a digital watch. Under the e-paper 144 x 168 pixel display, Pebble is actually a super smart device that could connect with your smartphones (iPhone or Android) and let you know with a silent vibration on incoming calls, emails, and other alerts such as notifications from your calendar, facebook, twitter, or whether report.

It can be connected with your smartphones via Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, and it has a 3-axis accelerometer to detect gestures. According to the creator, you can use this e-paper with several kind of activities like what the following picture has suggested:


Furthermore, Pebble E-paper watch is coming with a shatter-resistant lens and anti-reflective optical coating to make sure you can use it outdoor or under the bright sunlight. It’s just too sad it’s not using Gorilla glass 😉

Well, judging from the specification and the features itself, this Pebble e-paper watch is very attractive. No wonder, in just 2 hours since the project kicked out at Kickstarter, they’ve reached their $100K goal! It should be one of the fastest project to reach their goal. Currently, with over 4,297 of backers pledged around $560K and it’s 36 days to go until deadline! I wonder how many million they would collect until the deadline. It’s something interesting to watch :)

So, if you are interested with this jack-of-all-trade e-paper watch, you should support them by pledging on their kickstarter project.

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