Stuffitts Odor-Killing Bag Pro: A Gym Bag Minus The Musty Smells

stuffitts-odor-killing-sports-bag-pro-2If you are the regular gym attender or you are a sport enthusiast, you might notice that your bag (for storing your sweaty cloth after exercise) is often smelly. The reason is simply because of your damp clothes stored inside the non-breathable bag. As the result, the moisture provides a healthy spot for the bacteria to grow! Beside it’s smelly, it’s practically unhealthy and you have to wash it often to prevent it from making ugly black spot on your clothes or bag (if it’s not black color bag/cloth).

To solve this musty problem and avoid washing the bag too often, you can try this Stuffitts Odor-Killing Bag Pro.

This bag, unlike any ordinary gym bag you possess, it has an exceptional moisture absorption layer inside the bag to avoid breeding bacteria. Bacteria is the source of the smelly musty annoying smells and they grow on the moisture of your sweat inside the bag. With Stuffitts Odor-Killing Sports Bag Pro, less moisture will be kept and less spot for the bacteria to grow!


Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro

Stuffitts Odor-Killing Bag is the first of its kind a lightweight, go-anywhere bag that absorbs moisture and kills odor to minimize the sweat and stink in your gear and active wear. The nylon outer layer of the bag creates a durable, water resistant barrier that contains the moisture and odor inside the bag. Inside the bag is a removable, patent-pending Stuffitts rectangular panel that works to remove the moisture content and odor from the gear s
tuffed inside.

This bag is definitely a great bag for sportmen and enthusiasts. If you are interested, Stuffitts Odor Killing Sports Bag Pro is available from Stuffitts for $39.95. Or, you can find it cheaper at Amazon.

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