Adidas miCoach Tracking Technology Is Going To Change How We Watch Football Game!

What do you think about a football game where you can check out the stamina, heart rate, power or efficiency of each player in live condition, and you can predict which side is having the high probability to win the match, as if you have a psychic power?! Sounds interesting, right?

Well, Adidas is going to make those magic into a real thing as they are going to insert their intelligent F50 miCoach cleats into the work. Adidas is going to put their technology to the work on MLS All-Star Game on July 25th in Philadelphia, where each player is getting the cleats. Wit this cleats in possession, Adidas miCoach tracking system will working in the backstage to track the condition of each player.


According to Adidas, the system could measure the speed and acceleration of the players, how much ground was covered, the intensity of play, effectiveness and capable of detecting weaknesses and strengths. The data received from the miCoach Cleats will be analyzed by a computer, and directly transferred into the application where users at home could find out the condition of their favorite player directly on their SmartTV or tablet PC/iPad.

This is very interesting as we, as the watcher of the match could figure out the condition of each player in the match. Watching football game is never going to be the same again! It sounds like playing football manager game with real people running on the field, instead of watching bunch of computer player attacking each other.

Sadly, there was a video demo of the tracking system, but it’s been removed due to copyright issue. Check out the source below if you are looking for more info.

[via T3][Engadget]

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