Unique Motherly Looks Of iPad Docking Station By Scott Eaton


Talking about the most stylish and artistic iPad docking station, I guess no one could beat the creation of Scott Eaton. Known as the Venus of Cupertino, this docking station has a motherly look, natural over-weight body with interesting posture that will hold your iPad all generation (first through the New iPad 3rd Gen).

It shape like a mother sitting on the ground, holding a big tablet as if she is reading the tablet calmly. I like the scrupulosity of the face, and the thoroughness in the face design.


Also, aside you are capable of resting the iPad on her hands, she can also charge and sync your iPad from a charger in her midriff.

This Venus of Cupertino is going to be released worldwide on this Summer season. However, Scott is not disclosing the pricing yet.

[via Scott Eaton][LikeCool]

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