Quirky Siphon Audio Splitter Let You Share Music With Friends Easily


Similar to the Splitterbot headphone sharing robot that we have seen in the yesteryears, Quirky has designed a a similar audio splitter gadget called Siphon that allow you to share your music easily with your friends.

However, unlike Splitterbot, Quirky Siphon audio splitter allow you to plug in up to three output sources at once, and you can toggle which port to get the share easily with the flat jog dial on the lower side of the Quirky Siphon.


Measuring at just 25mm x 21mm x 124mm, this Siphon can be stick on the side of your monitor (see picture above) because it has come with an adhesive back. You can also choose to use a permanet mountin plate if you dislike adhesive stuffs. To improve the audio splitting, Siphon has an internal DAC and Preamp to produce clean conversion of digital input, low distortion and high quality split sounds.


Sadly, it seems Siphon have no option to let all three ports to get the share together. You can only choose to let two port to get the share by toggling the jog dial to the middle of the matching position. But it’s definitely better than the Splitterbot robot that does nothing but rough splitting the audio.

As for the pricing, Quirky Siphon has not yet been priced. They are still collecting price suggestion from their reader to see which price mark is the best fit for it. If you are interested, you can go to Quirky official site to suggest your price. I’ll suggest $20 to $40 for this Siphon.

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