Digital Cutting Board For The Hi-Tech Kitchen Dwellers

It’s always interesting to see a concept drawn for the future. Most of the designers uses technology that seems impossible and like a thing that will only exist in the folktales, but to tell you the truth, many of those concept designs are slowly becoming a real product. We have seen quite a lot of futuristic concept become real product and will be available soon in the market (such as the flat touch-driven keyboard for PC).

We also hope that all interesting concept that will roll out in the future will get the similar attention and produced as a real stuff for the mass.


The latest interesting concept design that we found at YankoDesign is a Digital Cutting Board. The designer (Jaewan Jeong) call it as the “Almighty Board”, which sounds like one or two of our favorite movies starred by Bruce and Evan. What make the designer think that the cutting board is ‘almighty’ is probably thanks to the cutting edge technology that will be implemented into the cutting board.

Such as, the designer has concepted that the cutting board is not only for cutting your vegetables and meats, it can also display recipes, auto surface-sterilization, and it can also weigh your ingridents.

Which means this Almighty Board is a multi-purpose cutting board with kitchen scale, UV sterilizer, and tablet PC (for recipes only?) with tough screen (Gorilla Glass 2?) where you can cut your vegetables without scratching the surface.

Another interesting idea is that you can flip the Almighty Board to use the other side, while the flipped side will get sterilized by the built-in germ killers.

I designed the board that isn’t touch the other surface. so user can flip it again and again. Bottom side of board will be sterilized when people use the top side.” Jaewan Jeong said. “So all of this can prevent the cross contamination. Furthermore, showing recipes or check exactly how much amount is this source of food.”

This cutting board is really something that will be a great tool for modern moms when dishing out their best food for their family.

I’m really hoping here, one day I’ll be able to buy it and tell my mom: “Look Ma, A cutting board that could show you recipes, and it could weigh your pork, too!”

Just hoping that my mom won’t reply with: “a high-tech plastic cutting board? I suppose it wouldn’t even survive my first chop!” 😉

[More details: YankoDesign and Jaewan Works]

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