Gorenje IQCook: Smart Kitchen Induction Stove And SmartSense Sensor

We have seen interesting many “smart stuffs” for kitchen today. The smart almighty cutting board, the smart kitchen island, and now we have found another interesting kitchen gadget that you’ll appreciate it if you are lazy in waiting for the food to cook in your kitchen.


Gorenje from Europe has announced and show off their new kitchen gadget called IQcook. This smart kitchen device is consist of two seperated devices: the smart cooktop, and the smart magnetic sensor.

Let’s talk about the magnetic sensor first. This sensor is very smart as it has a technology called “SmartSense”, which allow it to communicate with the induction stove wirelessly.


Why communicating? It’s because this little guy can detect the temperature of your cooking (by sticking onto the top of a glass lid) and send the information to the smart induction stove, where then the stove will adjust the temperature accordingly to avoid over-burning or over-boiling.

Check out the video after the jump.

The company is very proud and trust on their technology, which is why the video demo (below) is dare enough to suggest user to leave their cooking (stews, boils, slow cooks) alive and go have fun outside. The sensor will take all the user’s job and monitor the food like a loyal dog guarding the house.

Of course, the sensor is useless if the stove is not coming with a matching “brain” to sync up with the sensor. The IQcook cooktop also a smart device, and the design is especially sleek. The company’s bold claims have landed a series of revolution statements for this stove, such as:

  • 100% automatic cooking control
  • 100% safety from boiling over and burning
  • 100% active preservation of nutrients, vitamins and proteins

They call it a REVOLUTIONARY COOKING in their press release. Well, we can’t blame them. Their IQCook stove has a great concept to support their claims anyway. Let’s take a look at what this cooktop is capable of doing, beside it can watch the ‘fire’ and food for you.

According to the PR, IQCook stove is coming with 5 cooking presets known as: IQboil, IQpro, IQsteam, IQfry and IQgrill. Like the name has suggested, the stove can help you boil, steam fry and grill easily. Here is the details quote from the news:

  • IQboil: Cooking with a plenty of water for dishes that require more water, like soups and pasta. A preset cooking mode brings the contents of the pot to the boil and then maintains boiling temperature via communication with the IQ sensors.
  • IQsteam: Steam cooking is – as another new and unique feature – a healthy way of preparing food, which better preserves nutrients and vitamins. With this cooking mode, very little water is added. As a result, the food is not overcooked, and retain its natural colour, juices, and flavour. The preset program controls the steaming and make sure the food is evenly steam-cooked.
  • IQpro: The Slow cooking has been adapted for grain and similar dishes that require a longer cooking times with slow preheating and light boiling, such as goulash, rice, chilli con carne, and polenta. And Slow is also good for reheating previously prepared and pre-cooked food.
  • IQfry: The preset Frying mode is used with a larger amounts of oil, and is just right for frying doughnuts, french fries and other deep-fry favourites.
  • IQgrill: Grilling is yet another convenient preset mode that allows users to select how well done their dishes (like meat) are – choosing from three – low, medium, high – presents, ensuring the food is cooked evenly and remains juicy.

IQCook stove also helps user to save more electricity bills by decreasing the overall power consumption to 40% lower than average induction stove. For example, while grilling with common induction stove would cost 1500Watts, this IQcook is only use 900Watts. We are giving out estimation as the company haven’t announced the complete list of power consumption for this stove yet.

Check out the following video for more details:

As for the release date, Gorenje IQcook is planned for release at the end of this year. Unfortunately, this IQcook still have an undisclosed pricing. It might cost you hundreds, or even thousands if it’s talking about cutting edge technology on a kitchen equipment.

[via Winarco and YankoDesign]

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