Smart Prisma Kitchen Island By Toncelli With Samsung Galaxy Tab Dock

In addition to all of the smart stuffs available in the market right now (Smartpen, SmartPhones, Smart HDTV, etc.), here come a new smart stuff for your kitchen – a Smart Prima Kitchen by Toncelli.


This Smart Kitchen table is coming with an amazing sleek work surface where you can interact with it like a big tablet PC. It makes browsing for recipes easier than ever as you’ve require no more physical book and search for recipe by flipping pages manual. All you have to do is to put a Samsung Galaxy tab on the provided dock on the countertop and you’ll have a fully interactive and engaging kitchen experience.



From the pictures, you can figure out that the Smart Prisma Kitchen Island have three main areas: The sink, the induction stoves, and the interactive transparent top with touch screen panel.

There is also a slide out cutting board, innovative door mechanisms, invisible handles, and soothing base illumination. It would be better if the cooking stove could be customized and use the Gorenje IQcook devices for those who loves to leave their kitchen for a short shopping while in the middle of cooking their food.

For more information about this amazing futuristic Smart Kitchen island, you can visit Toncelli website.

[via TheCoolGadgets and Trendir]

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