Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

I’ve seen a lot of iPhone case since the first generation of iPhone. Most of them offers protection, camera enhancement, flippable premium leather enclosing, or even adding more hardware to the phone for better support.

One of the most interesting one for me is the one with extra QWERTY keyboard to type on. Since we all know that typing on a virtual screen give no feeling and tactile feedback, that is why a separated mini keyboard for iPhone is always helpful.

I’ve seen quite a lot of QWERTY keyboard cases made for iPhone, but it’s not stopping there. Recently, I have spotted yet another new variant of QWERTY keyboard case for iPhone. It’s fully compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, priced for just $34.99.


Instead of using fold out keyboard, this version is using the slide-out mechanism to reveal the 50-keys QWERTY keyboard located at the rear side of the iPhone (when installed). The keyboard will pair up with your iPhone via bluetooth, and the case has access to all buttons, ports and features on your iPhones.


You can obviously type much faster than using the virtual keyboard or swype. However, as it has added a physical hardware to the iPhone, the overall dimension has become thicker than usual. This is the common downside of using a QWERTY keyboard case for iPhone, but if you have jeans with large pocket, or you’ve grown a habit to stuff big thick phone to your pocket, I guess you can overcome it somehow…

Well, if you are interested, you can head on over to Thinkgeek and grab on of it for your iPhone 4/4S.

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