Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker For Portable Players, Smartphones, and Tablets

Most of the portable players (MP3, MP4), smartphones or tablets did come with a built-in speaker. However, unless they are made by exclusive audio company (e.g. Creative, Harmon Kardon, etc.), we can simply state that built-in speakers are ‘suck’, most of the time.

For example, take a look at iPad’s built-in speaker. Although I’m not a true audiophiles, I don’t really like to tune my songs and music with its built-in speaker. It’s because the speaker is lack of power and trebble, not even close to my desktop speakers.

That is why you can see so many accessory makers trying to milk the money cow in this sector. Bunch of external speaker docks have been created and most of them offering the best quality speaker system, and could be connected via different options such as special port, cable or bluetooth (e.g. iHome Speaker dock). However, they are not as portable as you think. They are big, and should stay connected with the power outlet before you can use it.

To solve this, you’ll get the portable version instead of the premium external speaker. The latest trend is showing up the bluetooth external speaker as the best choices for portable users. They can free themselves from cable hassle and still capable of connecting their bluetooth-enabled devices to the speaker.

I’ve seen quite a lot of it, for example, the interesting UFO shaped On Tour iBT Bluetooth speaker from JBL (you can browse more here).


Recently, through TechChee‘s post, I’ve found another new variant of bluetooth speaker from Satechi.

Codenamed as ST-69BTS, this new bluetooth speaker is quite small, measures at 3.1-inch x 3.1-inch x 2.9-inch and weighing in at just 9.6 oz (approx. 272 grams), you can definitely bring it with you wherever you go.


Satechi ST-69BTS is using bluetooth Ver. 2.1 which supports AVRCP, A2DP, has automatic connection or one time pairing. Thanks to this connection technology, this Satechi portable bluetooth speaker is compatible with the following devices:

Apple iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G / iPod Touch G4 / iPad / Mackbook / Mackbook Pro / Macbook Air / iMac / Mac Mini. Motorola Xoom / Atrix / Droid X / Droid 2 / Droid / Milestone / Backflip / CLIQ / CLIQ XT. HTC Flyer / EVO 4G / Droid Incredible / Droid Eris / Aria / Hero / HD2 / HD7 / Nexus One / Tilt 2 / Touch Pro / Desire / Imagio / Shift 4g / Thunderbolt. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1/ i9000 / Captivate / Fascinate / Vibrant / Epic 4G / Moment / Focus / Alias / Nexus S / Omnia II , 7 Continuum. Blackberry Playbook / Torch / Storm / Storm 2 / Bold / Bold 2 / Tour / Curve / Curve 2 / Pearl 3G T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / MyTouch 3G / G2 / G1 Nokia N900 / N8 / Nuron / N97 LG Quantum / Optimus Dell Streak / ASUS Eee Pad Transformer / ViewSonic gTablet / HP TouchPad

Your device is not listed? Well, if your device has the common 3.5 mm Auxiliary output (for headphones), then you can still use this portable speaker on your device! Satechi is quite thoughtful as they’ve also included a 3.5 mm Auxiliary Input to support older, non-bluetooth devices.

Talking about the sound quality, this speaker is coming with a compact bass design and two 2-watts speakers to streams your music. It won’t lose to that tiny but loudy X-Mini capsule speaker.

For the power option, this portable type speaker has a built-in lithium-ion battery that could give you around 6 hours of continuous music enjoyment.

When the juice has ran out, you can easily recharge it via USB port to your computer or USB charger.


To control playback, Satechi has put multifunctional buttons control playback and volume functions at the top of the speaker, inside the blue border box with clear description.

Well, it does looks like a nice piece of speakers for travelers to share their music with their friends. But it also useful when you think your device’s built-in speaker is useless. For $44.99 (may change without notification), you can purchase this tiny speaker at Amazon.

Optionally, you can also check it out at Satechi website and purchase from them for the same price.

So, any takers?

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