Xenon LED Light USB Recharging Cable With Animated Power Flow!

If you are one of those who love to stay near the outlet waiting for your iPhone or iPad to be recharged, you might want to purchase this cool illuminated charging cable for your iOS devices.


This is the Xenon LED illuminated USB charging cable, which know as the world’s first cable that show you with streaming LEDs as if the energy/power is being flow into your iOS device!

Check out the following video for more details:

It sure looks interesting as it will slow down the animation when near completion, and will stop completely when it’s done. It’s a nice eye-candy for those who love glowing stuffs as well. According to our source, there are two version of Xenon LED illuminated USB charging cable:

  • USB 2.0 to 30-pin connector
  • microUSB to 30-pin connector

Depend on your charger, the USB 2.0 version is more common than microUSB version, though both of them have the same price and function.


You can find more details and purchase this Xenon illuminated charging cable at JapanTrendShop. It’s available for $57 with $15 shipping fees (worldwide shipping, including U.S.)

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