Quirky Plug Power: Never Blame On The Big Bulky Adapter Anymore!

It’s always an annoying thing when we are trying to plug into a power strip which has been occupied by a large bulky adapter. We know that that there are more available port beside the adapter, but thanks to that adapter, you can never use the unoccupy port (because it’s blocking the way) unless you’ve removed the adapter.

So, what’s the solution if you want to use the power strip, while the adapter is still there?

Well, Quirky has the answer!

Quirky Plug Power

Meet the Quirky Plug Power, a new mini adapter that will act as the extension arm for the power strip, so you can extend the reach to other plug even it’s blocked by a large adapter, or the power strip itself is too full by other plugs and have no space to fit in a big adapter.

Quirky Plug Power is measuring at 38.50mm x 32mm x 32mm, providing single outlet to one three-prong outlet. Since it’s small, you can bring it anywhere you go on your travel bag without eating much space.

Take back your outlets from big, bulky plugs! Plug Power is a single outlet adaptor providing users a three-prong outlet that keeps any plug from covering an unused outlet. Plug this in and you will have made space for large plugs without blocking other outlets on the wall or power strip. When not in use you can plug it into itself to make it compact and easy to transport. Also when Plug Power is plugged into itself, you can manage your cables with the nifty loop.

Quirky Plug Power - As ACable Manager

Quirky Plug Power features:

  • Offers a single extended outlet
  • Prongs are protected against bending during storage and/or transport
  • Works for three prong outlets
  • Helps to manage additional cords during transport

There is no pricing details yet for this new gadget. But you can take a minute to suggest a price at Quirky Official site.

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