Bulavkus Safety Pin USB Drive By Art Lebedev

Well mentioning the name of Art Lebedev, what’s popped out in my mind is the ultimate customizable keyboard – the Optimus keyboards series. It’s rare for me to think anything else that could be related to this name. Although the studio have rolled out several type of interesting design, still, their keyboards are the most attractive one.


Recently, Art Lebedev has done it again. However, it’s not yet another Optimus keyboard, but it’s a new USB flash drive called Bulavkus Safety Pin USB Drive.

Just like its name suggests, Bulavkus Safety Pin USB drive is a large safety pin with the pen head a functional USB flash drive. The benefit of using this USB drive is that you can simply fasten it to any fabric clothes or bags and you’ll never have to worry that you’ll lose it. It can be use while fastened on your cloth without removing it first.

However, it’s pretty sad that the USB drive is offered at a limited 4GB of storage only. I really wish Art Lebedev could squeeze more Gigabyte into this Safety pin USB drive.

[via Art Lebedev]

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