NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler With Adjustable Fans Position

Whenever it’s Summer, electronic gadgets operates at a higher temperature and the risk of breaking is also higher. Especially on gaming laptop where the components are tightly cramped in one slim form factor. It’s essential for gamer who care about their laptop to equipped the laptop with a quality cooling pad / notebook cooler to dissipate the exceeding heat.


Recently, NZXT has just introduced a new notebook cooler called Cyro E40. This notebook cooler, unlike the ordinary cooler with two fixed fans, it allow users to pin point their laptop heat zone and place the fans there to maximized the dissipation. The Cyro E40 is coming with a removable mesh cover where you can quickly access to the 80mm movable fans, and it offers a flexibility of placing the USB cable either from left of right position to adapt to any laptop models.

However, NZX Cyro E40 is only capable of supporting notebooks up to 15-inch. If you’ve got a 17.3-inch gaming laptop like Alienware MX17, EON 17 or MSI GT70, you’ll have to find other alternative for it.




As for the availability, NZXT is going to ship this Cyro E40 cooler in May 2012 for $27.99. Also check out their existing Cryo notebook cooler if you want to browse for more.

[via NZXT]

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