Philips PicoPix 2480 Pocket-Size Pico Projector


Most of the pico projector that you cand find at the store right now, mostly offering only a small light intensity, or the ANSI LUMENS brightness level is very low. I’ve one LED Pico projector that is only featuring 15 ANSI LUMENS. Even the projector promises a large display up to 80-inch, but the result is blur because the brightness level is not enough. The best viewable size ins around 28-32-inch, where you can still see white color pretty bright.

This is one of the most critical downside when considering to purchase a Pico projector. Unless you want to watch the display in a close range, it’s always advisible to get a larger model that offers hundreds or even thousands of ANSI LUMENS.

But, if you are still attracted with the mini size (most peeps bought it because of this reason), I guess you should look for a better and newer version of pico projector.

Recently, Philips has just announced their new Pico projector and this is the one that I’m talking about – the better and newer model.


This is the Philips PicoPix 2480, the latest Pico projector that offering a better ANSI LUMENS brightness level. Technically speaking, Philips PicoPix 2480 has 80 ANSI LUMENS brightness when working with power supply, but it offers lower brigtness level (55 ANSI LUMENS) when unplugged and on battery mode.

However, it’s still far better than any 15-20 ansi lumens pico projectors. You can definitely have a bright 32 to 40-inch of display in a dim room.


Specification wise, Philips PicoPix 2480 pico projector is featuring 854 x 480p resolution, capable of providing up to 120-inch of display, contrast ratio of 1000:1, has internal MP4 player that can play multimedia files on SD card or USB flash drive, and it has an internal rechargeable battery that could provides enough juice for 2 hours of continuous operations.

Talking but the size, Philips PicoPix 2480 is measuring at just 190mm x 80mm x 190mm (WxHxD). Which mean you can definitely bring it with you on travel as it’s small enough to find place to fit in.

Philips PicoPix 2480 pico projector is currently available in the UK for £279.99 or equal to US$452. If you are looking for one, You can find it a Currys or John Lewis.

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