KOSS Striva Tap – The First In-Ear WiFi Headphones

Looking for the latest gadget with cutting edge technology? Check out this KOSS Striva Tap! You know, we have been hearing a lot of stuffs heading to the WiFi technology now. Starting from the WiFi Charger, WIFI bathroom scale, WIFI mouse, WIFI HDD and more. Now, new gadget has been introduced and it’s also featuring the WIFI connectivity, substituting the common bluetooth wireless technology. I’m talking about this KOSS Striva Tap, which is the world’s first true in-ear WIFI Headphones that capable of receiving and listening to music streamed from the internet whenever a WiFi signal is detected.


This KOSS Striva Tap in-ear WIFI headphones will let users hear to thousands of free high quality internet station directly from the internet without much hassle and no PC is required for its operation.

Optionally, you can also connect to their special STRIVA CAP (Content Access Point) wireless transmitter and hook it up with your smartphones/tablet/MP4 player and listen to the audio wirelessly (without bluetooth anymore).

KOSS Striva Tap in-ear WIFI headphones is functional within the range of 300 feet from the WiFi hot spot, and it could provides around 2 hours of playback time with its battery, while the STRIVA CAP wireless transmitter can provides 3 hours of battery life.


If you want to test out this new technology, as usual, you’ll have to pay a lot for it. According to the sales page, KOSS STRIVA Tap headphones (including the wireless transmitter) is going to cost you at $500 a pop.

What’s included in the package:

  • STRIVA TAP in-ear headphones
  • STRIVA CAP wireless transmitter
  • 2 straps to attach CAP to mobile devices
  • AC wall power adapter
  • Carrying case
  • Micro USB Y Cable-to-audio (allows corded listening)
  • Micro USB Y Cable-to-USB (for charging headphones)
  • Mini USB-to-audio cable (allows STRIVA CAP to stream audio from any stereo mini output)
  • Micro USB-to-USB cable (for initial STRIVA TAP setup)
  • Mini USB-to-USB cable (for initial STRIVA CAP setup)
  • Interchangeable ear cushions
  • Setup guide
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty
  • Access to MyKOSS music management system

[via KOSS]

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