NVIDIA Is Working on Tegra 3+ Chipset

I haven’t have time to play with the Tegra 3 SoC (i.e. the Transformer Prime tablet), but it seems NVIDIA is getting ready to roll out their Tegra 3+ SoC – the next gen of Tegra 3.

If I’m not mistaken, people haven’t had enough time to fully explore the Tegra 3 SoC capability, especially none of the applications are capable of using the quad core CPU to the fullest yet. You can say that NVIDIA is too hasty, but I’m sure there is a trigger to their early development of Tegra 3+ that will overcome the weakness of Tegra 3.


Although I’m not really sure if Tegra 3 has weakness, but I believe NVIDIA is gearing toward the goal to leave all of its competitors in dust, instead of covering weaknesses in their existing chip.

This more powerful Tegra 3+ is said to be released some time around the Q2/Q3 or middle of the year, and it will bring a lot more CPU clock speed boost and supporting higher resolution displays which possibly (and hopefully) will on par with the new iPad (3rd Gen).

More details, NVIDIA Tegra 3+ SoC will have the minimum of 1.7GHz clock speed, 25-percent faster graphical performance, and the SoC is going to support LTE connection as well. No release date announced yet, so play with the existing Tegra 3 devices for now.

[via Android and Me]

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