Cubify 3D Printer Is Available For Pre-Order

3D printer is the latest hot gadget for those who have skills in 3D modeling. However, due to the fact that most premium 3D printers are expensive, it’s hard for those with limited budget to purchase one for their hobby or 3D concept modelling.

Luckily, we have seen companies starting to roll out cheap version of 3D printer, i.e. the Solidoodle that cost $500 only, or if you are aiming for a better version, you can also check out the smallest 3D printer, MakerBot or Roland iModela.

If those options are not your stuff, you can also check out this newest pocket friendly 3D printer called Cubify. This 3D printer was first announced back in January 2012, but now the company has published the pre-order page on their website and you can pre-order yours now.


This 3D printer is very interesting as you can hook it up with different media and you can manipulate the 3D model easily before printing out. When it was demoed in CES 2012, Cubify was hooked together with Microsoft Kinect motion controller. With the Kinect-To-Print app, you can easily tweak and edit 3D model, or getting the pre-made models from the developer community.

Cubify 3D Printer is capable of printing in vibrant colors of your choice, but you won’t be able to mix color yet as it’s using single neon material cartridge per machine.

This 3D printer is available for pre-order for $1,299, add another $50 if you want to get additional cartridge. You can also go to their website to browse for pre-made designs. You can purchase those designs or use them as your own model and design it for free (by yourself).


[via TheVerge]

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