Pop Video Pico Projector For iPhone and iPod

A new portable projector for iPhone has appeared in the market carrying the name of “Pop Video”. This mini pico projector is just like everyone else’s, capable of projecting iPhone’s (or iPod) display into the wall and it’s capable of stretching the display up to 50-inch of display. Well, the specification on the official site is not stating anything about the screen size. I’m only assuming that such type of pico projector is capable of projecting around 50-inch screen, as I’ve seen other type of pico projector for iPhone with similar dimension is capable of doing so. Talking about the dimension, it’s only measuring at 4.4-inch x 1.8-inch x 0.6-inch and weighing in 97 grams only.


The resolution for this projector is reaching 960 x 540p, but I have no idea what is the range between the projector and wall for the viewable display result. Since I’m familiar with pico projector, again, I’m going to assume that this stuff is only coming with 15 ANSI LUMENS brightness that provides viewable result at around 21-inch to 30-inch in a dim room.

As for the battery life, Pop video can operates continuously for 2-hours per-charge. It’s not too shabby, but I really do hope that people would start manufacturing better pico projector with higher ANSI lumens, like that PicoPix 2480 from Philips.

Price-wise, This Pop Video is available for $99 a pop. You can find it at PopVideo Official site.

[via UberGizmo][CNET]

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