SPEEDLINK XEOX Pro Analog Controller For PS3 and PC

There is a new analog controller for both Windows and Playstation 3 from third party manufacturer SPEEDLINK called XEOX Pro. It looks closely to XBOX controller layout, especially the analog sticks positions and D-Pad, as well as the chubby body design. Sadly, it’s not compatible with Xbox 360 at all.


Like what you’ve seen in the top picture, SPEEDLINK XEOX Pro analog gamepad is featuring dual analog sticks, D-pad, seven front buttons, four triggers (L1, L2, R1, R2 for PS3), can vibrates, has LED indicator ring like the Xbox 360 version, and the controller is coated with rubber. It has 550mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery which can provide about 10 hours of playing time.

For connection, this controller is using 2.4GHz wireless technology to connect with your PC or PS3 instead of using Bluetooth connectivity. Which means you are going to get one of your USB port occupied with the dongle from this controller before you can use it. It’s not a problem for PC user, but it will for PS3 users that have got only 2 USB ports to use. They have to use USB hub to extend if they have bunch of gadget to play with, for example, the PS Eyes, Wired controller, Sports Active 2 dongle, etc.


Well, if you are interested, this SPEEDLINK XEOX controller is available in CDLMicro for £29.99.

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