8-Bit Protective Sleeve – Show Your iOS Device in Pixel Style

If you are a geek who loves pixel-style gadgets, you might want to check out this new protective sleeve for your iPad and Macbook Air.


Yep, it’s yet another 8-bit pixel style gadget. It’s a protective sleeve for all iPad generation (and Macbook Air) featuring an envelope-shaped pixel icon, complete with the thick black border to imitate the 8-bit jagged style.


Is retina display too much for you? Go backwards! You define your resolution! Introducing the all new 8 bit sleeve series. Style up your iPad with a 10 inch model and your MacBook Air with a 11/13 inch model. This 8-bit envelope is made from premium synthetic leather with matte finishing and soft fibre interior to protect your classy idevice.

The price for those two types are different. The cheaper model is for iPad where it will cost you at $30.95 only, while the bigger model for Macbook Air 11-inch is $33.95 and Macbook Air 13-inch is $37.95. Allow around 4-6 weeks for it to ship to your address. But you don’t have to pay for the shipping fees, so I think it’s a good deal.


Also, when you are on the BigBigPixel website, you can check out their pixel style iPhone case and stylus as well.

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