New Smart NiMH Battery Charger From Energizer


Recently, the battery manufacturer Energizer has released yet another new battery charger for their AA and AAA NiMH batteries. However, unlike all of their previous chargers, this new model is pretty smart and it came with two new interesting features. These features allow you to figure out the time of charging, when it will done, and how is the battery condition. There is new countdown timer display on the top left corner of the charger, and there is a battery fuel gauge on the top right corner to show the charging status.

These two features are very important as most of its predecessors have no such thing. You can’t tell when the battery is full, or how long you should wait before you can reuse the rechargeable battery. It’s such a pain when you’ve to count the time by yourself, and forget to pick it up when the time is up. Although there is a safety feature that will auto-off the charger, charging battery without a proper timing (exceeding the allowed charging time) can decrease the battery lifespan.


With this Smart Charger, you can clearly tell how long you should wait, and what is the battery condition by reading the indicator on the device. Also, this new charger is smart enough to reject all non-NiMH or old NiMH batteries. It will automatically shut off when the bad battery detector has detected such batteries. Also, Energizer is kind enough to pair this charger up with a lifetime limited warranty. You can always ask for a swap if anything ever happen with it.

If you are interested, you can check out this new Energizer Smart Battery Charger at Amazon. Its price is about $15 at the time of posting this article.

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