Fashion Like: Smart Cloth Hangers Display Facebook Likes To Show You Which Clothes Are Popular

When you are going out to buy clothes, often you’ll want to know which one of them is the most popular one, or whether if you purchase it and wear it, your friend will also wear the same cloth to the party. Brazilian fashion retailer C&A has responded to this demand and they’ve built a dedicated system where you can easily figure out which clothes in their store are the popular one. This dedicated system involved using Facebook like system, where the company has created a special Facebook page with pictures of their cloth collection. Visitor to the Fans page can vote for their favorite, and the votes (likes) will be displayed in real-time on the special cloth hangers.


With this system, we can easily figure out which cloth is the top choice, and which isn’t.
This allows shoppers to see the online popularity of a particular outfit, helping them make a better (or at least more popular) choice while picking out clothes. It’s an interesting idea. One that you can easily see more retailers implementing with more than just clothes.

Here, have a look at the following video demo if you need more details about this “Fashion Like” system by C&A:

It looks like a handy system for choosing clothes, however, keep in mind that it’s only trying to help buyer. The like counts on each cloth doesn’t represent the overall quality. Therefore, even the one with lowest likes count, it doesn’t equal to a bad cloth because at all!

[via New Launches]

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