Switch Lighting Liquid Cooled LED Bulbs Announced

Incandescent lamp has become the “ancient lamp” as more and more people have started migrating to LED bulb and better/eco-friendly solution. We have seen some companies with their alternative to incandescent lamp, but this version from Switch Lighting is perhaps the coolest of all.


Switch Lighting recently announced their new Liquid Cooled LED bulb that will become the replacement of existing traditional 40-watt, 60-watt and 75-watt incandescent lamps for commercial market. Beside its offering better illumination and lifespan, these liquid cooled LED Bulbs are energy efficient. Based on the information that the company have given out, the power consumption of the liquid cooled bulbs is about 8-watt vs. 40-watt Incandescent bulb, or 17-watt vs. 75-watt incandescent bulb.

However, each bulb might cost a little bit high on price, where you have to pay $40 to $50 a pop. It’s sounds really expensive for consumer level, but thankfully, the company is also working on a consumer liquid cooled LED bulbs that should cost lower than the commercial version. We can all expect to see this type of modern eco-friendly bulb to sell on the market starting on next year.

[via CNET]

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