Mojo 3D Printer: Cost Effective 3D Printer For Professionals

Under the name of Stratasys, a new 3D printer has popped out to the market. However, this version is not the cheap type where you can find it for $500 or so. Mojo 3D printer from Stratasys is in fact, will cost you $9,900 to own one.


Well, do not scared by the price yet. What’s make this Mojo 3D printer excellent and could live up the price is the FDM technology, which capable of printing finely detailed model in real ABSplus plastic, as well as the QuickPack print engine that is easy to use, quick to replace the empty cartridge like an inkjet printer. Each Mojo printer also coming with a dedicated cleaning system that will keep the machine healthy.

Check out the following video for more details:

The FDM technology alone is worth the thousands dollars. I believe professionals who’ve been using various 3D printers to print their prototypes will realize how cost effective this Mojo 3D printer is.

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