Brookstone To Sell Portable Fuel Cell USB Charger

Old lithium-ion battery charger is old school now as we have been introduced to the new next gen charger using Fuel cell. We have seen one called PowerTrekk appeared, and now another one is going to roll out soon. The popular retailer Brookstone is going to sell this type of battery charger from Liliputian, and according to the company, the refills for the fuel cell is going to cost “about the same as coffee from Starbucks.”


Well, unlike the common battery charger where you can recharge it via the outlet when the juice has ran out, fuel cell charger will need to get a refill like ink cartridge on your inkjet printer. However, the benefit is that, each fuel cell charger is going to provides a crazy amount of battery life, where you can charge your USB-driven gadgets for 2 weeks! If it’s an iPhone 4, you can use this portable fuel cell charger to fully recharge it for 10 to 14 times before refill. Sounds like a great deal, no?

Refill for this fuel cell charger can be purchased from online store, or directly from Brookstone as the selected retailer. Sadly, there is no details information on when it will be available and what is the cost of the USB charger (not the refill).

[via CNET]

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