Drinklip Portable Cup Holder

For you who’ve always hate the scenario where your desk is wet from your cold drinks, you might want to get a gadget like this Drinklip portable cup holder to hold your drink outside of your desk.


Thinkgeek recently stocked this Drinklip cup holder for any geeks who love to sip on their favorite beverage when they are working on their projects in front of their laptop. The Drinklip can be clipped onto any desk, table or shelf with clip-able edges like in the picture above.

When you are not drinking, you can actually use Drinklip to hold other stuffs such as your smartphones, keys, pencils, pens or other office stationary. ThinkGeek even goes further by suggesting more ideas on how you can make a full use of Drinklip in their product specification:

Drinklip Specification:

  • Attach a cupholder to any desk, table, or shelf
  • Use it to store your drink or small objects
  • Other ideas for using your Drinklip:
    • Home repair: Nails, screws, or drill bits
    • Crafting: Beads, needles, pincushion, safety pins, stitch holders
    • Organization: Keys, loose change, hair ties
    • Gaming: Dice! (But also keeping your drink off your GM’s table.)
    • Play: Clip to LEGO fortress to use as a guard tower
  • Fits cups up to 3.25″ in diameter (similar to a car cupholder size)


Drinklip is available right now for $19.99 at ThinkGeek. If you think it’s a good stuff and need one, head on over to Thinkgeek and get one for yourself.

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