Data Killer: The True Assassin For Your Magnetic Media Storage


Trading hard drive or selling PC system together with the storage media is pretty dangerous as people can extract the deleted data with special software. If you have ever stored an important data on the hard drive, it’s advisable to no sell it along with your PC or laptop as your secret might be discovered by the naughty hands. This is pretty troublesome as you might end with with a pile of hard drives in your warehouse collecting dust while they are still functional. Although you can use multiple passes of disk erasing apps, it will take a whole lot of time if it’s on the Terrabyte level.

Luckily, this type of problem can be solved thanks to the latest ultimate storage eraser called Data Killer. During the expo of Information Security, creator of Data Killer has demonstrated this device where it can erase an entire hard drive in just a couple of seconds and reset the drive’s platters back its origin with a large powerful magnet.

You don’t have to wait hours to completely erase a hard drive anymore. Just a push of button, Data Killer will wipe any magnetic medias (HDD, Floppy, tapes) and it could wipe up to 14 pieces of media at once. There are several types of Data killer that come in different sizes, the larger version even allow user to put their laptop into the device and wipe clean all the important data inside the laptop.

[via Engadget]

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