Corner Ladder Is A Foldable Ladder That Folds Into A Bar Of Wood

C&C (Company and Company) Design Studio has a wonderful folding ladder called Corner Ladder. This ladder is simply amazing because unlike an ordinary ladder, it could fold away into a compact bar of wood when not in use, and you can easily unfold it again when you are trying to reach the higher place.

Corner Ladder - Foldable Ladder concept

Our homes are getting smaller and we have less storing space. This project comes from the need to simplify an everyday object to a minimum. A ladder is a domestic standard tool that is rarely used. The idea was to be able to fit it in any corner, so as to simplify and increase its use and basic operation.

Check out more details on how to unfold/fold this Corner Ladder on the following video:

[via YankoDesign][C&C]

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