Drinking Timing: Safety Drinking Glass – Never Burn Your Tongue Again


Designer Hsu Sean has come up with an interesting safety glass called Drinking Timing. This glass, unlike the common thick surface drinking glass, it has some kind of temperature detector to let you know how hot the beverage is. When you fill it with boiling water, the inner side of the glass will turn into red color indicating the temperature. As the water cooling down, the red color will begin to fade away and end up with a clear transparent glass again.


According to the designer, the technology that allow this drink glass to change color is the thermo-chromic material that react to temperature. However, I have no idea what color it will show you when you fill it with dark coffee or espresso. Will the red color clearly visible? I’m not sure.

But if such thing exists, I believe a lot of people could free themselves from burning their own tongue when trying to sip their hot beverage in the morning rush hour.

[via YankoDesign]

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