Line Tail – A Headphones Line Winder and A Decoration, Too!

Suppose you are lazy to buy a special case for your iPhone that could let you manage your headphones cable, you can get this little Line Tail instead and it’s not only cheap, it’s also fun and come in three cute animal models.

Line Tail - Headphone Line Winder (Whale)

Line Tail is a mini line winder for headphones, and it’s designed for iPhone users or any smartphones/tablets with top/side access to 3.5mm audio port. To use Line Tail, all you have to do is to insert the audio plug (it’s only compatible with straight model, not the ‘L’ type) to the hole at the top of the Line Tail.

Line Tail - How To Insert The Audio Plug

Aside it could help you manage your cable, it also offer an indirect protection to your headphone plug around the cable and avoid damages.

Line Tail - Why Will You Need One?

Line Tail is available in three models: Whale, Fox and Swan. I would definitely want to grab the Fox tail, but sadly I can’t find the information about where I can get it online. It’s a Korean product, so I doubt it would hit US any sooner.

Line Tail - Headphone Line Winder (Fox)

Line Tails - The Whale, Fox and Swan

If you want to dig the information by yourself, try contacting SumNeeds – the creator of Line Tail.

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