Nature Pot Humidifier Doubles As Flower Vase

Designer Jeon Yong has come up with an interesting idea of mixing both humidifier and flower vase as one inseparable element. Jeon Yong call it as a “Nature Pot” to reflect its nature harmony union. If your home is too dry to live at, this type of humidifier is very suitable. The device itself without the flower or plant is pretty dull and “dead”. However, you can simply ‘revive’ it by putting flower of green plants. It looks pretty much like the “Flower” game on PS3 if you have ever played it.


Nature Pot is a charming humidifier that integrates into your interior setup as a flower vase. Peacefully sitting atop your work desk or home, that moist sunny flower will sure make your day!


I suppose that you’ll need to add water into the device via the flower vase opening before you can enjoy the humidity. It’s powered by AC Adapter, and there is a small LED indicator at the base of the Nature Pot.


It’s still a concept, so don’t ask me when it will be available in your local store. 😉

[via YankoDesign]

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