Quirky Tap – Measurable Oil Pouring Nozzle

Quirky has an interesting gadget that is currently in the work called “Tap”, or it will be known as a measurable oil pouring nozzle that will compatible with most cooking oil bottle.

Quirky Tap - Measurable Oil Pouring Nozzle

The beauty of Tap is that you don’t have to take a separate tool (i.e. measuring spoons) to measure how much oil you should put into your cooking anymore. Need a full tablespoon of oil? Dial it and pour it directly from the bottle. How about one tea spoon? dial it again to the correct position and pour it. Quirky Tap will let you pour precisely the amount of oil you need. It’s wonderful and time saving!

Quirky Tap - Adjustable Dials

Oil is truly a universal ingredient, but measuring out exact quantities can be a messy and tiresome task. Take a step out of your routine with Tap, a pouring nozzle that dispenses precise amounts in a single pour. Its adjustable dial can be set to measure one teaspoon or one tablespoon, and a ball-bearing valve ensures that you get just what you asked for: no more, no less. Best of all, Tap’s universal seal is compatible with most any oil bottle. Your measuring spoons won’t know what hit ’em.

Quirky Tap - Pour Directly From the Oil Bottle

Sadly, Quirky haven’t set the price for this Tap nozzle yet. However, they are working on it now and I suppose they’ll launch it pretty soon. Head on over to Quirky if you want more information.

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