Scanbox: New KickStarter Project To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Portable Scanner

Smartphones are pretty kick-ass because they have bunch of excellent features. One of them is the high-megapixel camera that you can use it to snaps amazingly detail pictures, or record full HD videos wherever you go, whenever you want. Sometimes, we also use it to take product pictures as it offers impressive photo quality and even taking a quick snap of a document or contract paper when we can find a photocopier near us. However, if you not like us who could hold our hand steadily to take the photo of documents or objects, you might want to support this Kickstarter project.


Phil Bosua, Ben Hillier and Luke Allen together has designed a convenience tool call “ScanBox“. Practically, Scanbox will allow you to turn your smartphone into a scanner instantly. The ScanBox is coming with a folded/flat packed durable laminated card with strong hinges and magnets at the joints. All you have to do is to unfold it like in the video above, stick the magnet together, place your document and smartphones at the right place, and you are good to go.

“Scanbox is an easy to use, affordable and unbelievably portable scanning box that uses your smartphone’s camera to take amazing high quality scans. It’s easy to set up and packs down flat to easily fit into your bag or brief case.”

If you are interested, support the group at Kickstarter website. You can also find more details about the inner LED lighting and special apps for your smartphones on that webpage.

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