iPong Pro Trainer – Fun Table Tennis Practice Partner

If you are deeply interested with Ping Pong game, you might want to have your own table and equipment to sharpen your skill in daily practice, even you’ve got no friend or practice partner. In this case, iPong Pro Trainer will be the substitute player and it will be your local practice partner whenever you want.


iPong Pro Trainer is a portable and fun table tennis robot that will continuously shoot out balls in several kind of customization. For example, you can set it to shoot balls with topspin, backspin or different speed. You can even take the oscillation challenge to see if you can keep up with spin and ball placement at the same time.

iPong Pro Trainer can holds 100 balls at a time. So if you are lazy picking up balls after each session, you can purchase a batch of ping pong balls for under 10 bucks or so as the backup balls. You can also equip your table with something like a rear net similar to Joola iPong Net or wider Net to make sure the ball stay in place on opponent zone and you don’t have to run and collect the balls on the floor.

This trainer robot is pretty cool as even in the normal setting, it capable of shooting random ball with spins that take the training into a real-match practice.

There are several type of iPong robot, you can find 4 different color options and model at Amazon for the lowest at $80+.

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