DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case with Two Tripod Mounts

We have seen bunch of iPhone 4/4S cases, either with protective cover or silicone based protection. There are also a lot of variants to the cases, but I haven’t found one that is packed with features like this DiffCase from ThinkGeek.

DiffCase - Rugged iPhone 4/4S Case

DiffCase iPhone 4/4S case offering not only the rugged case protection, it also coming with a bunch of integrated features that you can enjoy and make use of your iPhone’s feature to the fullest, especially in taking photograph or recording video.

DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case With Joby Tripod

For example, DiffCase iPhone 4 case has come with not one, but two tripod/monopod mounts on both horizontal and vertical positions. Pair it up with a tripod like Joby, you’ll have an infinite possibility to take photo in any angle or position.

The case fit all standard 1/4 20-thread tripods and monopods. So if you have an unused tripod collecting dust in your warehouse, you can make a good use of it.

DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case - Lid Act As Sun Shade

As for the protection, DiffCase offers two lids to protect the front and back of your iPhone 4/4S. Plus, it’s easy to remove them if you dislike the protection. However, You can also make a good use of the lids to be a sun shade when you are using your iPhone outdoor, or to be a privacy screens when you are reading important stuff on your iPhone.

Another good use of the lid is that you can turn it into a phone stand by open it up half the way. See the picture below for more detail:

DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case - Rear Lid Cover As Phone Stand

Base on the tips given by ThinkGeek, user can also stuff a couple of bills or credit card in one of the closed lids of this DiffCase iPhone 4 case. Which mean the lids’ hinges are tough enough to clip a bill or card without losing its grip.

The DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case with Tripod Mounts is just loaded with features. Let’s break ’em down. First, you get the 100% Polycarbonate case which surrounds your loverly phone; it’s super rugged and strong (trust us, we’ve done the drop test by accident). Second, you have two lids (one to protect each side) that open in two directions (vertically and horizontally). Tilt one up to use it as a privacy screen while you text, hide a dollar or two (or credit card) behind one for emergencies), or use it as a stand while you watch videos on your phone. Or (and this is what we really love), use the forward one as a sun shade as you attach your DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case with Tripod Mounts to a (you guessed it by the product name) tripod! The case has two mounts (again, vertical and horizontal) to make sure your video or photo (or time lapse!) is super still. The DiffCase iPhone 4/4S Case with Tripod Mounts is the case with the difference. Hey, maybe that’s howcome it’s named DiffCase!

This DiffCase is available right now at ThinkGeek for a reasonable price at $34.99. Sadly, the only model available right now is the black one.

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